Kindergarten FAQ's

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The decision about what to do for your child when they are eligible to start Kindergarten is a tough choice for many parents.  The most important thing you can do as a parent is to gather all the information possible in order to make an informal decision about what is best for you and your child.  We have put together the following question and answer information to help assist you in this decision making process. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact the centre Director or Supervisor.

No. Children are not required to start school until Grade One.

Yes Kids Zone offers a full Junior and Senior Kindergarten program that exceeds what is offered in the school system.

Kindergarten is a wonderful experience for most children. Four and five year-olds are capable of forming strong friendships and are hungry to learn more about the world around them. For many children, who have not been in a group care setting, kindergarten also gives them their first experience functioning in a group setting. In addition to academics, Kindergarten is also a time to learn skills such as listening, following teachers instructions, and working cooperatively and productively in a group setting. All of which will be extremely beneficial in the years to come.

Unlike when your child was in preschool there are many more options for parents and children when they reach Kindergarten. Public and separate school boards, private schools, and child care centres all offer Kindergarten programs.

The school system is offering a ‘ full day program’ which is approximately 9am-3pm.  We provide your child with a comprehensive developmentally appropriate program that meets all of their needs from one set of teachers and caregivers. A Full day integrated program also eliminates travelling and scheduling issues involved with a half-day program.

In the school system there can be upwards of 30 plus students in a class, so a 1:15 ratio or more, which is beyond what is the regulation but they allow this in the school system. At kids Zone we have no more than a 1:9 ratio with both an Ontario Qualified Teacher and a Registered ECE, just like the school system. Unfortunately, this education does not normally include extensive training on the development of 4 and 5 year-olds. School board teachers are not normally given a choice of age group with which they would like.  At Kids Zone teachers in all our Kindergarten programs have an Early Childhood Education diploma. This training deals extensively with the development, education and behaviour of children under six years old. Our Kindergarten teacher have chosen this age group because they feel it is an age where they can make a difference.

For years parents have acknowledged the nurturing and educational value of the Kindergarten programs offered at Kids Zone. At Kids Zone we feel the children leave here with a greater understanding of Academic and social skills as well as the Love to Learn which they will continue to take through there primary and secondary years of school.  In the school system there is no academic focus, the learning is exclusively through play. Although this is a good way to learn, not all children thrive on this and so many can become lost or bored as many need different methods to learn different concepts and this is not an option.

Yes. Kids Zone will provide you with a written evaluation 3 times per year. Interviews may be set up with your teacher if the teacher or the parent feels there is a need. Daily communication between parents and educators will make sure that you are always aware of your child’s progress and any potential concerns. Our teachers spend a great deal of time with your child as a low ratio setting, really getting to know them and their capabilities.

Seamless days! Better ratios! Highly qualified staff! No Busing or scheduling issues! Superior Kindergarten programs nurturing and educational needs all met in one place! Tax benefits! The same great Kids Zone Quality!

Yes, please call or email the office and one of our management staff will forward you to a current or past parent to speak with. 

Children make sense of their world through play. Therefore, it is the goal to allow children to understand and be active in using their brains in lots of ways with play.

When children play they:

  • Explore the world, natural and social develop and practice social and language skills
  • Expand their physical skills
  • Enhance their self-confidence
  • Think and express for themselves creatively
  • And they develop a sense of self identity.

The teachers in the classroom will encourage this by, providing the opportunities for individual play, for structured and unstructured play.

The teachers may allow for extended periods of play to continue with ‘the flow’ of what is happening, as well they may provide resources other than regular toys, they may role model with the children to challenge their thinking, or provide new ideas with them as partners in play.

In order to maintain teachers and student population, we have a policy of a 4 week notice in writing to the office, by email or in hand writing.