Reasons to Choose KIDS ZONE Childcare Centre
for your child's JK/SK Education

The decision about what to do for your child when they are eligible to start Kindergarten is a tough choice for many parents. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to gather all the information possible in order to make a decision about what is best for you and your child. We have put together the following information to assist you in this decision making process.

1.  Curriculum:

Yes we do use the Ministry curriculum guidelines as does any public or separate school board, however, we are able to expand in much more detail and depth than those in the school system. In the school system the only focus is learning through play, this means that there is no balance or time placed on the importance of the beginning of academic skills. We at kids Zone believe that both areas are important, this is why our children thrive in learning to put pencil to paper and work on some academic workbooks and then take those concepts learned to the carpet or the outdoors to see how they work in a play setting. Therefore our program consists of the basic subjects including, phonics, writing skills, math, science and French. Due to our focus we are able to go beyond the required curriculum and provide a comprehensive science and social science curriculum (Wings of Discovery), as well as French and a Music program taught by a qualified music teacher. An example of how we move beyond the minimum requirements is, although there may be a requirement for a child to be able to know the letters sounds and recognition, many children in JK have moved beyond this to putting sounds together to the beginner reading stage which can then be built on in the SK class. Literacy is the key to learning in the early grades.

2. Ratio:

We are providing in the JK/SK room a ratio of 1:9 . It is for this reason that we are able to assess each child individually and meet their learning needs and goals whether it be moving forward beyond the required to challenge a child, or slowing down in an area to focus on sounds. This can be limited in a 1:22 ratio in the school system, the learning curve is compromised.

3. Playtime and play-space

We are able to provide the children with more ‘play time’ in a full day program with no need for ‘before or after school care’. The instructional time is used efficiently throughout the day which also allows for 2 full hours of play in or outdoors each day so that children can have fun AND learn. We provide safe, new and clean play equipment outside with the ability to rotate through 2 playgrounds and go on nature walks in the grounds surrounding the school. We are able to utilize the park close by for picnics and games in the summer.  Note that almost all JK/SK play areas in the School Boards are small paved fenced areas. Keep in mind when there is no need to transition from a day program to an after school there is more time for the children to remain cohesive as a group and no transition anxieties which are certainly more apt to occur at the ages of 4 and 5.

4. Full Day Support

Due to the teacher children ratio in our classrooms, our full day program provides more  flexibility  and extra care when it comes to any illness  or  special assistance that may be needed with a child. For example, dealing with behavioural issues, or a child just needing some one on one attention for a few minutes or ongoing potty training accidents that the teachers in public schools would call the parents to attend to.

5. Meals and Snacks

We provide a nutritious breakfast so there is no rush for the parents in the morning. Our lunches are catered and delivered fresh and hot.  We also provide a light afternoon snack, which is prepared at the centre. All of our meals are chosen to comply with Canada’s Food Guide to ensure the children are receiving the correct number of servings from each food
group.  As the children eat their meals together they are also learning manners, patience and independence at the table. This would be unique to this type of setting as they are eating their food and figuring out how to work together as a group in order to serve themselves with teacher supervision.

6. Field Trips/Special Visitors

Kids Zone offers a variety of special activities throughout the year such as field trips and magic shows. We generally organize two field trips per year for the preschoolers, JK’s  and  SK’s .  We do attempt to attach a learning plan with our science to our field trips as well so it is a fun learning experience. No field trips will occur at this level in the school system due to time and supervision limitations.

7. Report Cards/Evaluations

Kids Zone will provide you with a written evaluation 3times per year. Interviews may be set up with your teacher if the teacher or the parent feels there is a need. Daily communication between parents and educators will make sure that you are always aware of your child’s progress and any potential concerns. Our teachers spend a great deal of time with your child with our lower ratio setting, really getting to know them and their capabilities.

8. Consistency

Our full day program provides all day care which eliminates the changing of the classrooms and/or caregivers. We don’t have PA days or early release days and the parents don’t need to worry about coverage during March break, summers or Christmas holidays. Those who have been in our daycare from a young age who stay for our JK and SK program, allows them to continue their friendship throughout their Kindergarten years.

9. Tours/Parents Visitation

We offer the opportunity for the parents to visit the classroom and understand the curriculum, which gives them an idea of how the full day program runs and what is being done. Note that at least one of the in class teachers is available until 6pm when a parent is picking up. This gives the parent the ability to have an idea of how the day was, as opposed to: in the school system the teacher is only around until 3pm and the caregiver in the after school program would have no idea how the day was.We have an open door policy in our school there is always someone around if you have questions.

10. Curriculum Cost

Our JK and SK program provides all the school materials needed, this saves the parent’s time from going out and buying school supplies.
Supplies include:
-    pencil box, pencil crayons, markers, white boards, pencils, erasers
-    phonics workbooks 1-7
-    math books
-    phonics readers 9 books
-    miscellaneous workbooks and photocopying of work papers
-    craft and science experiment supplies

-compare to the school system, there is very little supplies allowed per class, this means that there is a minimum number of crafts and projects that can be done unless something is requested from home, this becomes challenging and is not done often in the JK or SK classes in the school.   

11.  Financial

Yes, there is a cost here for the full day program, and in the school, the 9am-3pm program has no cost. HOWEVER, ask other parents, understand the limitations and challenges.  We have had several return from the school system noting it was not what they had thought. The savings in the end was minimal per month and to a lot of parents not worth what is lost. Take the time, add in before school care, after school care, your lost time from work, March break, Christmas break care, summer care. There are very few quality programs that will take 4 or 5 year olds for intermittent camps this is challenging work to keep transitioning a child at this age. Be informed and understand what you will or will not be getting when you make your decision.  Our goal is one stop shopping, which benefits both the family as a unit, and the parents and children individually, our care can remove burden and anxiety when you want the best for your child from an educational stand point and an emotional.

Why should my child stay at Kidszone for Kindergarten?

Better ratios! Qualified staff! No bussing or scheduling issues! Tax Benefits! The Kindergarten programs are both nurturing and educational and the needs for both parents and children are all met in one place!  KIDS ZONE.


Should you have any questions please contact the office at 905-403-9351 or e-mail us here.